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November 09, 2009


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Folk Art Mary

Elizabeth, I'm so glad to hear you got that print. I really like it and hope it lives well in your house. My best wishes to you, Mary

Elizabeth McAndrew

I think the mat makes the birds look more like they are busting out, like birds do when you startle them. The mat increases the tension somehow. I am so glad you wrote about the process of making the prints. I had the winning bid on one of these at the WSKG art auction, and can't wait to bring it home.

Folk Art Mary

Lesli, I'd always intended to reduce the size of the yellow/ochre/orange area around the square pierced by the birds, and knew the mat would cover this area. But I never mentioned that in my blog. It seems you like the way it's spaced better unmatted than matted. Interesting comment, thanks! I think once the mat is placed in a frame, it makes everything work again...


I like both, but the wider burnt orange "frame" seems to make the central bird more 3-D... or is that because I'm looking at it on a 2-D computer screen rather than in real life?

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