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November 27, 2009


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Folk Art Mary

Thanks for your comment Lynne. You are very good with words. I like what you say, that the category we are placed in does not constrain or explain us. It feels emotionally soothing. I can only hope that you are right. Being an artist is about the energy that we harness and express, each in our own particular style, as we do our work. Interesting that what we make can turn out looking so differently. You are categorized as an abstract artist, me as a folk artist. Yet the energy is the same or perhaps even the feelings/ideas we are trying to express are the same.

Lynne Taetzsch

I love the way you describe your work, Mary, with the important things being the craft and experience of making it, plus the meaning it has in your life. The "category" we are placed in, like "abstract art" for my work, does not constrain us or explain us.

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