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February 19, 2010


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Folk Art Mary

Air Jordan, thanks for your enjoyment of my blog. Please tell others and pass the word. My motto is "spreading my reputation one person at a time". I've added, at the top right of my blog, a way for you to find the RRS address, "Subscribe to this blog's feed." Please let me know if this is user friendly and what you were looking for.

Air Jordan

What a great blog! It is a pity that I can not find RRS address. If RRS offers a subscription service, I can easily follow your blog!

Folk Art Mary

Thanks for your comment Miz Katie. I enjoyed checking out your blog and etsy shop. Nice.

miz katie

I've never met Matt, either. But, he's a friend of mine on FB. I love his work. Such an inspiration. I always look forward to see what he's going to come up with next.

btw, thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I'll have to add you to my google reader.

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