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March 13, 2010


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Folk Art Mary

There are a lot of touch ups I need to do in the painting stages, painting the edges of the 3-d shapes so the piece looks good from the side...

miz katie

ah, yes! i was talking about the painting process, but the carving!! yikes! yes, i can see where a mistake could really throw a wrench into things. you must have a very steady hand and keen eyes.

Folk Art Mary

Not as forgiving by any means. I have to plan out my designs carefully in advance because once I carve the wood away there is no way to add it back on. Whereas with a painting you can paint over a mistake. I don't make many carving mistakes, and if I do I just change the design. I've had over thirty years of carving under my belt, so it's become second nature to me now...

miz katie

It's coming along nicely, Mary. I like seeing the progress shots.

I have to wonder if carved wood is as forgiving as canvas? How easy is it to fix mistakes? Or do you have to go very slowly, and keep a steady hand?

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