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December 29, 2010


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Folk Art Mary

Thank you Barbara for your comment. As a fellow artist, you can appreciate how nice it is to have our artwork be seen. We do our work anyway, but it's nice to get some applause now and then.

Folk Art Mary

Thank you Paul for your comment. Sometimes I feel pretty alone as an artist.I keep going out to that cold, dusty, small (two car garage) studio of mine and making new work. The good thing about being an artist is I get to make a beautiful object to the best of my ability at the time, and then it goes to live somewhere else and bring others pleasure. The bad thing is I never get to see it again and I never know whether the piece is happy with its new people and the people are happy with their art. It was nice to see the piece again when you posted at your blog, and I was glad to know you and the museum, are happy with the piece.

Paul D'Ambrosio

i was actually feeling very guilty about not writing about your work sooner. The Sullivan's Diner post got a lot of great comments from people who know the place, and even got reposted on a number of blogs. Thanks for doing such a great work and for giving it to our museum, where it is still on view.
All the best,


Barbara Olsen

What a great piece and place of honor Mary......Happy New year

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