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February 10, 2012


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And the dogs are definitely smiling... They seem happy to be sharing nature with their woman! It reminds me of when I go outside with my old dog and he is so excited to have me in his element that he bounds as if he were a puppy (he is 11) and wants me to chase him.

I have a little cottage in the yard where I will take a nap and he is quite content to keep watch at the door and chew on a stick. This may be why I find this piece so charming.


Your work is so fantastic! I am curious to know, why many layers of paint? Is this just for coverage or does it change the depth of the colour. Also how do you decide what the base colours will be?

If you have already discussed this elsewhere, please feel free to put a link.

I have a desire to paint on wood but I don't even know where to begin!

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