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December 09, 2012


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Mary Shelley

Michael, thanks so much for your comment. I am the creator of this blog and yet I realize I don't know how to make a comment, I just know how to respond to others' comments. So here I am asking people to comment for the book giveaway but perhaps even if they wanted to they couldn't figure out how to do it. Did you notice a "make a comment" button at the blog?

michael moody

I like that little building! You can tell that it was styled by a dedicated soul and it goes along very well with the creative style of his artwork!

Mary Shelley

Thanks for your comment Donna. Please more comments from the rest of my readers. I've got this gorgeous book written by Kelly with photos by Kat Livengood, lots of glossy photos, 1/2 inch thick. You can comment here at my blog or at my facebook friend or fan page. Once I get your name I'll put it in a hat as a contender to receive the book in a prize drawing.


Absolutely love his use of colour. His work is vibrant and full of life.

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